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About PooseBoss 

Happy. Healthy. Horny.

POOSEBOSS is a contemporary guide to living a chic & erotic lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide sexual wellness and health resources to women, trans, non-binary, intersex, and men of all ages, races, and orientations. 

We are not defined by our past pain, we are defined by our current successes.


Our Mission

It's simple yet oh-so-powerful: we want you to create the sex life you truly deserve, no holding back! It all starts with one fundamental principle —honesty. It's time to strip away the shame and embrace your desires with open arms.

From tantalizing tips to jaw-dropping stories, PooseBoss is your key to unlocking a world of sexual empowerment, dating prowess, and mind-blowing pleasure. Get ready to leave inhibitions at the door and embark on a wild ride with us!


So, gorgeous, are you ready to dive into a world where confidence reigns, boundaries are respected, and pleasure knows no limits?


Join the POOSEBOSS revolution and let's rewrite the rules together!

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The PooseBoss

Victoria Lynn is the founder of POOSEBOSS, a brand that empowers women and promotes sexual health. She provides innovative products and resources to help women feel confident and in control of their bodies. Through her work, Victoria is changing the conversation around sexual wellness and inspiring women to embrace their sexuality with pride.

Join The

Looking for a sex-positive and judgment-free zone to ask questions and navigate your love life?


PooseBoss is your go-to community for all things sexual wellness and lifestyle. We offer advice, resources, and conversation starters on everything from relationships to kink and everything in between.

A Letter From The PooseBoss

Hey, lovely people! It's Victoria Lynn, your bestie and confidant for all things sex, dating, and relationships. After years of spilling the tea on my podcast, I couldn't help but notice the missing piece in the sexual wellness and health lifestyle scene. And that's when I decided it was time to expand POOSEBOSS, a new kind of sexual wellness brand and community! 

Let's be honest it, sexual wellness and our health often takes a backseat to other areas of our lives. But here's the truth, babes: your pleasure and well-being matter just as much as your latest diet fad. At POOSEBOSS, we're here to show you that being happy, healthy, and horny- is not just a state of mind but a lifestyle.

You wouldn't believe how many questions I receive daily about exploring adult toys, embracing kinks, and finding your inner confidence. That's when I realized we could not just sell sex toys! POOSEBOSS has never been just about sex - this brand was created to help other people like me who are survivors. We are all some way in survivors, there is no perfect story. 


Each week we will hand pick new products, some of the categories included are sex toys, lingerie, fitness, brand merch, and more to come!


POOSEBOSS is a contemporary guide for living the chic and erotic lifestyle you've always craved. 

Stay Informed with the Latest tips, tricks, toys, and everything poose!

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