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Victoria Lynn

aka The PooseBoss

Who Is
The PooseBoss

The Visionary Behind the Poose

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Blame it on childhood trauma, sexual abuse, or the Playboy magazine's left in the bathroom; Victoria Lynn aka "The PooseBoss" grew up knowing her passion was to help others, make people laugh, and that she loved sex.


Victoria Lynn was dancing, acting, and modeling by the age of 10. One day she received a call from her manager, she was casted to be a Playboy Bunny on The Morning Show. Victoria began her entertainment career as a model at Playboy Radio & TV but quickly became an associate producer for "Doin' Tha Most" & "The Karlie Reed Show," which led her to have aspirations to create and host her own show. Victoria realized there was a need for a platform where adults could talk openly and honestly about sex without shame or guilt.

Victoria knew she was the only one who could do it, after all it was her life purpose. 

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Real & Uncut

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