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Happy. Healthy. Horny. 

A contemporary guide to living a chic and erotic lifestyle. 

Be Honest About Your Sex Life

PooseBoss is redefining sexual wellness everywhere by providing resources to women, trans, non-binary, intersex, and men of all ages, races, and orientations. We offer a contemporary guide to living a chic, healthy, and erotic lifestyle. Our mission is to create a safe space where you can be honest about your sex life, without feeling guilt or shame. 

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The Podcast

PooseBoss began as a late night comedy podcast that promoted sexual empowerment and the freedom to be you. Through our own healing journey, we learned a lot about ourselves and tried out a lot of different things. We're here to show you tips and tricks on how you can live a healthy, happy, and horny life.

I'm so sorry. It's a dead serious thing. I'm having a problem. Eight months and running, no sex. Not by choice.

The PooseBoss

Discover your inner desires, explore your kinks and fantasies.

Join The Lifestyle

Looking for a sex-positive and judgment-free zone to ask questions and navigate your love life?


PooseBoss is your go-to community for all things sexual wellness and lifestyle. We offer advice, resources, and conversation starters on everything from relationships to kink and everything in between.

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At POOSEBOSS, we proudly define ourselves as queer, recognizing that this label goes beyond a mere identifier—it represents our commitment to breaking free from societal constraints and embracing the fluidity of human experience. We believe that the labels we assign to ourselves, and others often create unnecessary judgment and limit our potential for growth. By redefining not only sex and pleasure but also the boxes society puts us in, we aim to create a space where inclusivity thrives, where everyone can authentically explore their desires without fear or judgment. Our mission is to help create a culture of inclusion for all by being mindful of pronouns and sexual orientation.​

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